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This where video of my dogs' double blind exercise will be. Please note a roll of the dice determines the order of samples the dogs are exposed to. Every odd number gets a known Cancer sample, even numbered rolls places a healthy controls' breath sample next in line.

To document a chain of possession of these Bio-samples properly brings too much government regulation and expense. The evidence of a dogs ability to perform as they are trained to is all around you. My dogs perform as they have been trained. If you have Stage 1 Lung Cancer or Stage 1 Breast Cancer (or more advanced) and follow the instructions on my Breath Test page My dogs will alert to your sample. It's what they have been trained to do.

I can not guarantee any thing more then: I will email you when I get your sample; I will present your sample to at least two different dogs, at least two different times; I will email you if a dog alerts to your sample.

My $30.00 Breath test is the single most cost effective thing you can do to minimize your risk of death from Lung and Breast Cancer.

It's about helping people live longer lives by offering an affordable way to test yourself for the two main Cancer killers every year. Start a new tradition; on your birthday send me a "Kiss in the Mail".

Please use this link to send me an email if you have any questions. With your help you will soon be seeing my dog at public events all over Florida providing free cancer tests! Let's make a difference!

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