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Hello, I'm Doctor Doug. If your here because you even mildly suspect, there may be, a very remote chance, you might have, cancer, I implore you, I AM NOT A REAL DOCTOR AND YOU MUST SEEK OUT THE ADVICE OF A HEALTHCARE PROFEESSIONAL. If you don't know where to start, just go up to the first person you see dressed in a health care uniform. Every one of them entered the profession because they want to help people. Every one of them will give you free advice as to the next step you must take, please, do it today.

Those other REAL doctors know the one overriding fact of cancer treatment; the earlier treatment begins, the better your chances are to live beyond treatment. That's what Dogs4cancer.com is all about. Detecting stage 1 and more advanced Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer long before symptoms even appear.

Doctors have known for 100 years that cancer cells process sugar in the body differently then healthy cells. The waste chemicals from cancer cells are different then the waste chemicals from all other healthy cells. As these chemicals are filtered from the body using the bloodstream a certain amount also get released by the lungs just like alcohol. And just like YOU can smell THAT chemical, alcohol, in someone's breath, a dog can smell those chemicals that only cancer cells produce, in your breath.

On my home page you'll find links to the researchers who've proved dogs can be trained to 'alert' accurately 86%-98% of the time, to breath samples submitted by stage 1 and beyond Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer patients. And I stress that the dogs perform this well without any false positives.

The sample collection methods the researchers used in these past studies, can not be used in the home. THAT WAS NOT THE QUESTION THEY WERE SEEKING THE ANSWER TO. Right now these same researchers at The Pine Street Foundation are about to define whether or not dogs can smell Uterine Cancer, in a women's breath. Dogs4cancer.com's sole objective is to provide additional funds so that a more consumer friendly sample collection method can be verified, or not, in a side by side study.

Dogs4cancer.com is applying for 6 different National Institute of Health 'Challenge Grants' that the dept. received with passage of the stimulus bill. To be honest, the chances of me convincing these authorities as to where and how to spend the $250,000 needed of the $1 Billion they received, are not very good.

It made me wonder if my odds might be better, if I use the Web, to look for people that want the same thing that I do. A cheap easy way for me to screen my self for major cancers.

Scientist know cancer cells are so different from healthy cells that a dog can be trained to find their traces in your breath, even in it's earliest stages. Police dog handlers know you can not hide even a small amount of something their dogs have been trained to find. I need your help to bring these two together. We can 'crowdsource', pooling our resources and solve this problem for all of us, and do it before the end of this year.

I offer a newsletter for a one time charge of $50.00. Each month the newsletter will describe where we are along the path of achieving our funding goal of 3000 subscribers as well as progress reports on the dog training. The last newsletter will include instructions as to how Your email address will be entitled to submit a breath sample once each year for no charge, and that sample will be screened by 2 different dogs trained to 'alert' to the chemical signature produced by cancer cells. The exact details will only be known at the end of the research.

If the $50.00 will cause you hardship in any way, please don't purchase a newsletter. I'm not sure I'll be able to sell the 4000 newsletters I need to for the full research amount. However, When I am successful I'll be listing the city's where public screenings by My dogs will be provided for free. Please check back at the end of the year so that I, can help you.

On the other hand, if you're a smoker or former smoker, how bout 50 bucks for even a chance, at maybe, getting a heads up, to the development of stage 1 Lung Cancer. For around the cost of only one carton of smokes you get peace of mind for the rest of your life.

Concerned women know about the mis-interpretation rates and discomfort issues surrounding present methods of Breast Cancer screens. Research has already shown a way to find Stage 1 Breast Cancer in your breath long before it's big enough to be felt. Please help me fund the research that will verify, YOU CAN take this screen at home, and mail it to my dogs. Your newsletter purchase will help prove that dogs are women's best friend too.

Our welcome email explains the details of what happens next. This is the part where I tell you once again. There is, right now, no test, for stage 1 and more advanced Breast Cancer or Lung Cancer, that you can take from home. This is an attempt use the Internet to crowdsource, like minded people, to attain a common goal, to provide just such a test.

Someone famous said that "Disruptive innovation has the power to reduce costs while improving the quality, accessibility, convenience, and safety of care." I say let's change the world.

Please buy a newsletter now.

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